Lambros Christofi

Chairman of Christofi Group


To be a leading Venture Capital Investor in Cyprus and Overseas, providing a platform of world-class investment practices.


We contribute to the diversification of the Cyprus economy through investment in innovative and sustainable projects.

Group Strategy

We identify potential opportunities within the local and global markets, in areas & markets that the Group has experiences.


We encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set to consistently improve and solve nonstandard problems.

About The Christofi Group

Christofi Group was founded as a Venture Capital Fund in 1997. The group began its operations from the Financial Services sector and sprung out into a number of Industries including Food & Beverage, Real Estate & Property Development, Energy and Online Businesses & Media.

About Lambros Christofi

Lambros Christofi is an investment professional located in Cyprus. His career, which is one of incredible success, is a resounding example of what one can achieve through hard work, dedication, and passion. Operating a diverse range of investments during his internationally-respected 30-year career valued at over €2 bln, he grew his passion from the humble beginnings as a young insurance agent to the Founder and Chairman of the Christofi Group.

The Christofi Group manages family assets in real estate, business, advisory, consulting, media, and technology. Christofi Group was founded as a Venture Capital Fund back in 1997, and since then the group has grown – through Lambros’ leadership – to develop a team of energetic, highly-skilled young professionals looking to take on the business environment with fervor and skill. Having begun in the Financial Services sector and extended their reach to industries such as Real Estate & Property Development, Online Business & Media, Food & Beverage, and Energy, the Christofi Group has grown to become a nationally recognized and leading venture capital investor.

Since 2008, Christofi has invested in several companies and projects, a few of which include Whitemoon Hotel & Residences Ltd: development company for the W Limassol Hotel & Residences which includes 154 hotel rooms and 167 luxury residences for sale – ongoing; L.A BusinessConsultancy Ltd: consultancyspecializinginM&A’sand equity funding with deals made in Cyprus, Greece and the Balkans– ongoing; Nikodea Media Group: media portal, weekly newspaper – ongoing; Elwin Investments Ltd: owner of land for development – ongoing.

In 2006, Lambros sold control of MFS Holdings PLC – which was originally founded by him in 1997 before going public and listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange as MFS Holdings Public Company Ltd. After MFS was under the control of Apsis – a leading insurance group in Cyprus – Lambros remained as CEO and helped the company to grow to €200 mil in Net Asset Value.

In addition to his work in investing, Lambros Christofi has enjoyed serving on the board of a variety of different companies, councils, and non-profits. He also gained the respect and friendship of a number of world-famous entrepreneurs, the likes of which include Richard Branson, Heinrich Schoeller, Teddy Sagi, Roger Tamraz, Johanness Weissnguder, and Maurice Sehnaoui.

Successful Businesses

L.A. Business Consultancy Ltd

Plaza Executive Projects

H.C. Management Of Medical Center PLC

Empire Capital PLC