Capital Invest

LABC Brokers the Acquisition of Capital Invest Albania

In May 2015, LA Business Consultancy led by Lambros Christofi has brokered the deal for the acquisition of Capital Invest Sh. a. Albania by a company operating in Cyprus with expertise in the area of financial services.

Capital Invest Sh. a. is a licensed company offering micro loans to individuals and small businesses in Albania. Despite being a relatively small company at present, Capital Invest Sh. a. offers limitless opportunities for growth with its ability to offer banking related services under the approval of the central bank, to ask and receive collateral on movable and immovable assets and offer products such as prepaid cards and foreign exchange bureaus.

Having operated and brokered successful deals for years in the Balkans and South East Europe, LABC recognised the opportunity of a successful investment with high returns. The final agreement was signed in May 2015 and although no information has been disclosed regarding the final amount of the deal, it has been made public that 100% of the shares of the company have been acquired.     

LA Business is a consulting firm specializing in the Balkan and South East Europe region where its people have been operating for the past two decades, being active in investment opportunities, the banking industry, the insurance market and other retail industries. It was founded by Lambros Christofi in 2014 and has been a part of a number of successful investment deals in Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and many more.